I’m Fernando Sacchetto, aka Lynx Cat or SirKazum, depending on where you found me online. On social media, you’ll usually find me on Twitter (@LynxCat) or Reddit (u/SirKazum).

This site here is a general repository for my writing – short stories, an essay or two, parts of longer fiction works, and the occasional odds and ends. You can find all that under Posts. However, if you’d like something a bit more structured (and don’t mind paying a modest price), I have a book out on Amazon Kindle, The Last Voyage and Other Stories, which collects most of my short stories.

Otherwise, I’ve published a lot of my fiction on Wattpad as well. The main thing I’m working on right now is a sci-fi (well, sort of) book called The Heplion Contingency (that link leads you to the chapters I’ve written and published online so far, probably against my better judgment).

Para quem fala português: Olá! Tenho coisas em português também. Minhas reflexões sobre política, filosofia e o que mais vier à mente ficam no blog Só sei que não sei nada. Atualizado quando tiver algo novo a dizer e tempo para escrever (ou seja, muito raramente). Tenho também uma série de ficção no gênero fantasia urbana, Linha de Mundo, que infelizmente está parada sem previsão de retorno. Quem sabe um dia…

If you’re interested in the setting of this book, which is somewhat of a reimagining of D&D as cyberpunk, or alternatively a mix of cyberpunk and space opera where there is no significant technology to speak of, but rather psychic powers that let people explore the stars and develop a post-modern while still often retro society… well, if all that sounds interesting, I’m also putting up some information on the setting (mostly as something that could be used as a D&D campaign setting, but knowing D&D is not required to enjoy it) in the Heplion Wikia. That’s going a bit slow, though.

Another venture I’m trying my hand in, other than writing, is making indie video games (mainly on RPGMaker, but I’m open to other possibilities). You can find that at the Lynx Cat itch.io page. (If you’re wondering, that’s where my social media profile picture comes from; it’s the “Lynx Cat” logo.) There isn’t much to brag about there so far, but I’m working on it. (I promise I’m working on Lily’s World right now, and the rest of the game is probably coming soon.)

About the name (if you’ll bear with some pretentious pseudo-physics):

Worldline: the four-dimensional path of a point of reference through spacetime

Wavefunction collapse: the moment when a particle ceases to be a superposition of all possible states and assumes a single defined state

Worldline collapse: when all of one’s possible lives converge into a single fate